Jesus Redeems Tv – Tamil Christian Tv Watch Online

Who Are We?

Jesus Redeems Tv is an online Tamil Christian TV, founded by Mohan C. Lazarus. He was born in a small place in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India. He is a famous evangelist in not only South India but also worldwide, known for his passionate work in the ministry.

Why All This?

The history of how this wonderful ministry started is inspiring. Bro. Mohan has been a testimony of how he received the Lord Jesus as his Savior. When he was a teenager, during one of the years, he was diagnosed with a complicated heart disorder; for which, it was not easy to find the right cure. He was taken to great doctors and experts by his parents, but none could help him or understand the condition. As months passed by, people were told that he would soon die, and all the family members lost hope of his survival. Then, the Lord Jesus came and healed him completely from all that incurable heart disorder. After experiencing the miraculous healing, he committed his life to Jesus. The Holy Spirit then led him to start the Jesus Redeems Ministry.

What Is Our Goal?

We aim to proclaim that Jesus is the living God. He takes away the pain, sickness and shame of the people and gives them joy, health and guilt-free life, respectively. Jesus Redeems Tamil Christian TV telecasts programs that declare the wonders of God in the lives of men. Out Tamil Christian messages, songs, dramas, etc. focus to motivate, inspire, challenge, and encourage an individual to grow in the Lord.

What Are We Known for?

We started the ministry as a small prayer team; then God immensely blessed the work of our hands and hearts, and He multiplied us a hundred times. Now, we have eight branches abroad and fifteen branches in India. This online TV has become popular worldwide and is reaching thousands of homes with its powerful message of the Lord Jesus. Today, the ministry has other smaller ministries within itself, like women, prayer, missionary, village, magazine, and youth.

Why Jesus Redeems TV?

Jesus Redeems TV is viewed by many across various countries. This TV can be easily downloaded in your smartphones and enjoyed at any time you desire.