Angel Tv – Tamil Christian Tv

Angel TV is a Tamil Christian TV that was started as a project of Jesus Ministries. The founder of Jesus Ministries is Sundar Selvaraj, who is also the chairman and CEO of Angel TV. Sundar Selvaraj was the oldest child of his parents and had three siblings. He was an ardent follower of the Hindu religion and wanted to become one with Brahma. He was interested in Science and looked forward to becoming a neurosurgeon in the future. One day, he attended a seminar on science and religion. He was indeed interested to hear about the evolution of man and other things. However, he did not like what he heard about Jesus. It was against his belief system. No matter how stubborn he was, God knew exactly how to touch Him. He accepted the Lord as his savior that day and left. Then God started to use him mightily for His kingdom’s extension.

Angel TV is an International media group, featuring programmes that profess Jesus as the true living God and encouraging their viewers to live a balanced Christian life. Almost 95% of what they feature are their own and original, bringing out the unique style of Angel TV. They feature life-changing programmes like dramas, talk shows, biblical teachings, children’s programme, movies, family issues and music videos. All these are done to declare the Christian belief. All their featured programmes are designed in such a way that they attract an audience of multiple cultures and languages. They are committed to broadcast in various languages in different countries.

This Tamil Christian web TV is distributed by various means like cable, TV, internet and satellite. Now, it is available on the internet, and one can easily watch online. They have a huge studio in India, which features in Tamil and other languages, and one in Singapore, which features in English to the English-speaking community. Their main goal is to reach the people who have hardly heard about Jesus and who have no idea about the Living God. Their programmes educate, entertain and edify their viewers. Many of their viewers love the prayer line that’s available at any time for people to pour out their problems and get prayed for.

Angel TV has reached many people, crossing the boundaries of cast, creed, religion, language and country. Many people have been blessed by their quality programmes that reflect the love of God for this fallen mankind. Here, they do not air any heavy fund-raising programmes. They are supported by the voluntary contribution of their sponsors and viewers. They are keen on building better, lives, homes and communities, propagating the values and beliefs of a Christian lifestyle. Credit :